August 16, 2015 – Emma Wood State Beach (Ventura)

It was 101 degrees when I left the Valley at 10am. 40 miles and less than an hour later it was 71 degrees in Ventura. My worries about finding a full parking lot were unfounded. Before I could hop on my bike, a campground volunteer walked up and said I “drove right through,” (past the iron ranger). I pointed to my California Explorer day pass hangtag on my rear view mirror. She put her hands all over my window, peering in, and didn’t recognize that type of pass. She said it was facing the wrong way. I told her that Emma Wood State Beach was specifically listed as “good at,” on the pass’ CA state website and that no regulation specified which direction to hang it. She decided not to make an issue out of it and went on her rounds.
Right away I saw that the bike path going North was uphill. It ran parallel to active railroad tracks, between a chain link fence on each side. Here are the track and a parking lot road as seen through a break in the fence. The caches were M&M tubes hidden along the fences. I found 5 of them before reaching a narrow section that ran along an unguardrailed freeway onramp, and turned around.
Close to the parking lot and through a tunnel there was a cache along a dirt single track. (GC5HR4R) Rogue Cache.081615_03_dirt_path
I parked and poked at suspicious rock piles.
Finding nothing, I sat on the log below and enjoyed the view.
Note to my non-Camelback/Platypus using friends: It was there I noticed a great new cap type on my Smart Water bottle. It’s easier to use then a regular screw-off cap.
In years past I would’ve driven around looking for more caches. I’m more relaxed now so I watched sandpipers grazing,
and sailboats sailing by for an hour before returning to the now 111 degree! Valley and my customary after-outing In-n-Out double double.


2 Responses to August 16, 2015 – Emma Wood State Beach (Ventura)

  1. agourasteve says:

    Nice pics! Although you sounded a bit aggressive to that volunteer, I guess that’s for the fingerprints on the window. 🙂

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