OCTOBER 19, 2015 – Natural Bridges State Beach, (Santa Cruz, CA)

On the last full day of my central coast vacation I drove to Natural Bridges State Beach at the northern edge of Santa Cruz.
From a few steps off the parking lot I saw what must be a natural bridge.
In the foreground a juvenile seagull harassed its parent for a regurgitated meal.
But caches called and I walked inland. With each step I dreaded what I’d probably see at GZ;
the ground covered with sticky, smelly eucalyptus leaves and bark! Even with my HSP (hiking-stick-poke) method I wasn’t able to locate the cache. At least the humidity of the last 2 days was gone and broken cloud cover provided part time shade.
I somehow got through the eucalyptus forest without stepping on any hidden doggie landmines. Construction barriers blocked access to the next cache about half way down and to the right of this ugly trail.
It was worth the hike because earthcache I wouldn’t sit on these Coastal Benches (GC5EQGF) and THIS were at the end.
Turning North I walked to Seymour Marine Discovery Center and found a cache off the parking lot. More hiking along another part of the construction zone eventually led to 3 easy caches near Antonelli Pond.
Without detailed local knowledge, finding ways through or around the construction zones to more caches was too time consuming. So I hiked back to the car and drove North along the coast and found 4 more caches on desolate, windswept beaches. More to follow in the next post.


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