JANUARY 27, 2016 – Indian Creek Trail Head (PCT)

With my friend Christine (cacher sissopolis) I tried to drive to Messenger Flats Campground in the Angeles National Forest. Our plan was to hike from there to Mount Gleason summit. She likes forest & snow hiking and I wanted to find the summit cache. But we were thwarted on every attempt by private property and road closures. The route recommended by a hiking blog led to a private animal sanctuary. A helpful local told us that everything beyond was also private property. He pointed us in the general direction of possible routes but we found them also blocked.
The left fork here was the wrong road, but it was closed anyway.
The right fork ended at an active mine/quarry.
Instead of driving around all day we went to the Indian Canyon parking lot (see Dec 22, 2015 post) where the PCT (mile 444.2) intersects Soledad Canyon Road.
We hiked South on the PCT. The trail was immediately uphill. An ammo can cache Cherokee Warrior (GCZQPF) was a welcome stop. Just ahead there were 2 long ago crashed cars in a canyon below the trail.
There was ample evidence that a lot of shooting goes on here.
Trail intersections were helpfully marked.
From here there was a long flat stretch.
We met a Northbound hiking Australian family, probably from the parking lot RV. They were worried about large animal tracks they’d seen. I think those were made by dogs. We said goodbye and kept hiking. The sun broke through the clouds and made me regret leaving my sunglasses in the car.
At just under 4 miles (PCT mile 440.3) we decided that we were losing more altitude than we wanted to make up on our return trip. We sat down, enjoyed the view for a few minutes and hiked back to the parking lot.
Back at home I read a warning that there’s a big stretch of the infamous Poodle Dog Bush ending at mile 440.0. I’ve always wanted to see it but missed it by 0.3 miles! Pictures 2 & 3 are by Christine, cropped by me.


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