MARCH 30, 2016 – HOLLYWOOD SIGN (the hard way)

I dimly knew that it was Easter. So I shouldn’t have been shocked to find Lake Hollywood Drive absolutely packed with cars and the sidewalks jammed with people apparently walking to/from some kind of event/service. I was about to go home when a parked car pulled out. I snagged the spot and trekked thru the throng of worshippers to the public easement.
At first there weren’t many people going my way.
My first destination, the hilltop American flag was visible from the official trailhead.
Before I could start I was passed by a stream of 20 somethings.
Only my twin hiking poles let me keep up with them on the steep rocky trail.
Even then everytime I stopped to look at the view more of them passed me. Exactly 1 hour after starting I reached the top. One of the 20 somethings was explaining that the various ammo cans and boxes at the foot of the ‘Tree of Wisdom’ were geocaches! I HAD to interrupt and say, “no they aren’t.” My input was not favorably received but it stopped the misinformation.
Everyone’s attention moved on to other things and I wandered away a few feet and immediately found a cache Ben & Jayme: For the Love of Caching (CG2DD3H). It was in good shape.
I turned around and took pictures of the sea of rock cairns (new since my last visit in December 2013) and the hazy scenic view.
Only a few feet away behind the bush in the picture above stood the flag I saw from below.
I headed East toward the Hollywood sign. By now the trail swarmed with muggles. Many of them sat around resting at a wide spot. But no one knew about the convenient butt-friendly benchmark pedestal, just out of sight. As I sat on it and played with my phone a small child approached and was immediately grabbed away by a concerned parent who probably thought I was pooping behind the bush. Haha! When the coast cleared I walked 9 steps to the obvious (to me) cache Cahuenga Peak (GC5NR2C) and made the find.
I signed the log, returned the cache and rejoined the muggle stream toward the sign. From the main trail I looked down on a side trail and saw 2 men shouting, jumping around and gleefully using sticks to bang something at the base of some bushes. It was almost certainly a case of snake murder. I watched from several hundred feet away and hoped for P22 to spring out from cover and eat the offenders. What’s 2 more skulls in a remote section of Griffith Park? But it didn’t happen…
Here’s the view from there looking back to the “Tree of Wisdom.”
Eventually the trail dropped steeply. Here’s a look-back from the bottom.
Another smaller hill was easily crossed over and the trail merged into a paved road behind the Hollywood sign. The best viewpoint is at the top of the small hill on the left side.
From behind the “H” I gave a telepathic shout out to the ghost of Peg Entwistle. “Don’t Jump!! Your audition was good! You got the part!!”
The hike back was uneventful. I noted that my hiking poles let me descend the rough trail easily while those pole-less repeatedly slipped, tripped and fell.


2 Responses to MARCH 30, 2016 – HOLLYWOOD SIGN (the hard way)

  1. David says:

    Thanks Ken. Always enjoy reading your trail stories.

    A group of us car-bridged this hike in the same direction a couple of years ago, finishing up at the observatory.

    David aka qbee37

  2. sissopolis says:

    Excellent blog, Ken. I love to read about your adventures. : )

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