APRIL 30, 2016 – San Diego (beach bike caching)

From Warner Springs I drove to San Diego for 2 days of bike caching. First stop, Mission Bay. Immediately the front brake assembly fell apart. So I rode around with the rear brake only. I was careful to not roll off the dock at (GC5ZWW0) Barbras Previous Intention [no typo].
Some caches weren’t so scenic or easy, Bike Bridge (GC3HNYB).
The next day I worked my way south by vehicle along San Diego Bay, unloading my bike near cache clusters. This is Harbor Island. Oddly, there’s no bike path here even though there are bikes for rent.
I stopped at a random parking lot to get my bearings and stepped out to find an easy cache just a few feet away, Marina Gateway: National City (GC1WB6J). I think that this is Supergirls’s adopted home city.
Most of the caches along a stretch of the New Bayshore Bikeway seemed to be missing. I wondered if someone removed them. The one here, a magnetized tin, should’ve been easy, Friendly Fisherman (GC4JZ4B).
The view from just a few steps away made up for the DNF. There was no cache on the pier but I rode to its end.
My luck was better along desolate parts of the bikeway where there were no muggles.
As a non-athletic 55 year old, I count myself fortunate that in 5 days I hiked 25 miles, biked 10 and found 57 caches with no bodily breakdowns. Someday if my luck runs out I hope that it’s on the trail, hiking or biking and not attached to a bunch of machines in a hospital. 


2 Responses to APRIL 30, 2016 – San Diego (beach bike caching)

  1. Shirconn aka Shirley O'Connell says:

    Your story of your geocaching is made interesting by your description of your feelings as you cache,
    I particularly liked your closing statement this time as how you hope to face the end of yiour lifed as a geocacher.
    Always enjoy your pictures and picturesque adventures in print.
    You ought to write a BOOK. I hope to get an augtographed copy !!!

  2. Jim Carleton says:

    “Someday if my luck runs out I hope that it’s on the trail…” Me too, man; me too. With any real luck, my trail (or maybe no trail at all) will be in the redwoods. Nice shot of the heron sculpture, by the way; we’ll have to look for that if we ever go down to San Diego.

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