APRIL 19, 2017 – M*A*S*H Site (Malibu Creek State Park)

I can’t hike long distances and steep hills like I used to. Now I look for short, flat hikes. The one to the M*A*S*H site in Malibu Creek State Park is an old standby.

Just off the crowded parking lot the effects of last month’s rain were evident. The park was greener than I’ve seen it in this decade.

And Malibu Creek flowed freely where for the last few years there was only a rocky dried out stream bed.

On the northern trail, frequently featured in the Kung Fu TV series and the old Planet of the Apes movies/TV I found a recently placed cache and then walked west past an eroded hillside. It’s more impressive in person than in the picture.

Loud muggle noises made the decision to bypass Century Dam, easy. Then there was another stream crossing on a small concrete bridge.

Just before mile 2 I DNF’d a cache that probably washed away. A few minutes later I arrived at the post-1982 fire replacement ambulance at the edge of the old M*A*S*H set.

The original burned out ambulance is still there too.

An ammo can cache, previously in the bushes behind the ambulance has become an unofficial part of the M*A*S*H exhibit. Someone moved it to INSIDE the burned ambulance where muggles find it and sign the log. I watched a group of teens do it.

My return trip on the southern trail passed over the bridge near the visitor’s center. This was the view Vs. 2 years ago.

The roundtrip hike was just over 3 hours at a leisurely pace with short stops to look for 3 caches. I’m glad I did it before the summer heat


2 Responses to APRIL 19, 2017 – M*A*S*H Site (Malibu Creek State Park)

  1. Mitxh says:

    Love that park!!

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