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7/22/17 – This supercedes all: Dweeb’s Diatribe is approaching its 10th anniversary. In those 10 years I wrote 222 posts about almost as many geocaching expeditions. But all things must end. Changes to how the game is played and the general deterioration of the socio-political climate make caching far less enjoyable. My caching has slowed to a trickle. I no longer attend events and I’m well on my way to archiving or adopting-out all of my caches.

But I still enjoy being outdoors and know that it’s conducive to maintaining good health. Taking full advantage of navigation and outdoor skills honed by geocaching, I now participate in some related and mutually complimentary hobbies like desert & beach rock hounding, rock tumbling, metal detecting and amateur (ham) radio. I’m changing Dweeb’s Diatribe to add all of these. I still plan to geocache occasionally, especially in the desert where I can also look for tumbling rocks at the same time.

For those who are only interested in reading about caching, sorry. I’m continuing the Diatribe, even if no one else reads it, so that it’ll be my hobby diary to enjoy when I’m old and homebound.

original intro from OCT 2008: I’m an OnLine Dweeb, a desk jockey and an active geocacher from the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles) California.

It bothers me when someone, especially a 2 digit noob, logs “TFTC TNLNSL” or something similar on a whole string of my caches. So I try my best NOT to leave cut-&-paste logs for others. But I’ve sometimes had the opposite problem and left long winded babblings not directly cache related. To stop myself from cluttering others’ cache pages, I’ve created this outlet for myself. Now I can rant with the added bonus of being able to go non-PC when something sets me off.  That happens fairly often.

I’ll record things seen in my caching travels, for myself and for any geo-friends / frenemies who might be interested.  Random equipment-related & environmental observations will be frequent.  (ie…My Magellan exploded  –or–  I saw Mokele Mebembe laying an egg next to the cache.) I don’t give a rodent’s rear end if NO ONE reads anything that I write.  But if you do read, feel free to leave your comments. 

Geocaching leads me to places, sights, friends and experiences that I would never have as a medieval middle aged pizza-chomping couch potato.  For that I’m truly thankful.  So, onward to more caches and more blogs!!


As of April 2016:

– GPS – Oregon 550T
– camera – Fujifilm XP80 ruggedized point & shoot
– day pack – Marmot Ultra Kompressor 22L
– Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock trekking poles
– geocar – 2014 Subaru Forester

– most found in 1 day alone (driving), 260 Route 66 CA
– alone (hiking) 32 Mission Trails Regional Park, Santee CA
– most found in 1 day w/group (driving), 978 ET Hwy 2, Tonopah, NV
– w/group (hiking) 100 Rte 66 shield geoart, 80 miles E of Barstow CA

miscellaneous stats:
– years hiking seriously, 24
– outdoor injuries needing medical attention, none
– rare animals seen, 1 bear, 0 mtn lions, 1 (possible) condor
– naked people seen, 6 different occasions: 2 sunbathers, 3 photoshoots & APR 11, 2011 – loonie who stripped out of her bathing suit while I signed a cache log less than 20′ away.


5 Responses to OLdweeb ?

  1. Oh goody, Oldweeb, I love blogs and yours is TOPS! What a delight to share your geocaching experiences and an even bigger pleasure to view your pictures. You are
    truly a MASTER in taking pictures that are breathtaking. , They belong in a photo museum for all to enjoy! Put me down as your number ONE fan. More, I want more!

  2. Loved yout blog and your breathtaking pictures, Just to let you know, I am your number ONE fan!

  3. geocass says:

    Ooh, just found your blog from The Bolas Heathen’s blogroll. Really enjoying reading through your entries. I’ve added you to my links list 🙂

  4. Bibliotec says:

    Your blog is really enjoyable! From now on, when I head out I’ll have my trusty GPSr and my camera.

  5. salsaguy says:

    Great blog and pix. Keep it up.
    Great stories and adventures.

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