OLdweeb geocoins

They don’t look anywhere near as grainey as the pics.geocoins_front1
BIG 2″ diameter, numbered & trackable on geocaching.com w/icon
150 – ‘gold’ / 50 – limited edition ‘bi-metal’ / 50 – limited edition ‘copper’


I’ll trade 1-1, LE-LE. I like large round or otherwise symmetrical geocoins.

I’ll also sell my coins: $8./gold, $10./bi-metal, $9./copper, + actual 1st Class postage in a padded envelope. No phoney “handling” charge will be added. Please e-mail me at QRZED@aol.com

Produced for geoswag:


4 Responses to OLdweeb geocoins

  1. Julie Raff says:

    I found your wooden nickel in a cache off Highway 395 today…I love it. You have a very nice blog. I just created a blog and still have lots to learn…I’m very green. My blog is ms-jules.com. Thanks for the wooden nickel.

  2. Lilt says:

    I found a wooden geocoin with no track able number. Do I keep it or move it. Only my 15th cache

    • oldweeb says:

      The wooden nickels aren’t trackables. So you can keep them or move them as you like. I have a collection of about 40 different geocacher wooden nickels that I found in caches.

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